Helping You Through Family Law Transitions

Life Care Planning Law Group provides high-caliber representation in a convenient suburban setting. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the field of family law and the ability to handle complex and high-conflict cases. In your case, we will work diligently to resolve your family law issue in an efficient and positive manner.

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Family Law: How We Can Help You

Life Care Planning Law Group provides advice, services and representation in family law matters involving:


Mediation allows divorcing couples and other disputing parties the opportunity to work together in a collaborative, results-oriented environment to resolve a particular issue. Mediation is a cost-effective option that is often quicker than traditional courtroom litigation.

Sharon Meyers is a certified mediator who provides mediation services to clients throughout the Boston area. She also advises clients in mediation sessions. Ms. Meyers has more than 30 years of experience. This background enables her to quickly identify the key issues in any family law dispute, as well as possible solutions. Clients appreciate her thoughtful and results-oriented approach.

John Welch is a member of Essex County Conciliators Program and is frequently appointed by the court to assist as a conciliator.


At Life Care Planning Law Group, we understand the stress and aggravation that a family law problem brings. Our firm will work to achieve the best possible solution for you. When you work with us, your attorney will discuss the legal and factual issues that will affect the outcome of your case, as well as your legal options. Based on your direction, we will then work hard to achieve your goals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We will keep you informed of important developments as your case moves forward. When you call with questions and concerns, we will respond promptly. You will have confidence, knowing that an experienced law firm is doing everything it can to achieve your goals.


Our Massachusetts family law attorneys want to help you resolve your legal problem in the most positive way possible. Please call 978.745.4410 consultation and case evaluation.

By Your Side Throughout The Dissolution Of Your Marriage

Divorce is a time of stress and uncertainty. At this time in your life, it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side — someone who will protect your rights and interests and help you make a successful transition to life after divorce.

Life Care Planning Law Group competently guides our clients through the complicated and technical divorce process. Our diverse experience allows us to handle the amicable divorce as well as those divorces of high conflict, where child custody is in dispute, there may be mental health or substance abuse issues, or there may be substantial financial or property interests at risk. Our goal is every case is to help our clients achieve a settlement that will serve them in both the short and long term. Financial security, preservation of assets and income, the protections of children are all taken into account in helping our clients set priorities and make effective strategic decisions.

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Guiding You to a Better Future

Your marriage has been unique. So, too, your divorce must be carefully crafted in a way that best meets your needs. In your case, your attorney will listen carefully as you describe your family situation, your finances and your goals for your future life. Based on these factors, Life Care Planning Law Group will then develop a customized plan to achieve your divorce and resolve related issues such as child custody, parenting time, support and division of property. In most cases, this will mean achieving an acceptable divorce settlement through negotiation or mediation. If it is necessary, however, we are prepared to litigate assertively to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

High Net Worth Divorces

Life Care Planning Law Group is experienced with cases involving professionals and those couples with high net worth. We work diligently to protect the property rights of our clients and achieve fair property division outcomes. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to address specific issues involving complex asset situations and divorces involving ownership of business, stock options, deferred compensation and other matters. When necessary, we work with professionals in financial disciplines such as accounting, business valuation and taxation to ensure that our clients' rights are protected and that due consideration is given to the value of the resulting property settlement.

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Prenuptial And Antenuptial Agreement Planning

Prenuptial or Antenuptial agreements help protect your assets in the event of divorce or death. It can protect your interests, or protect the inheritance rights of your children from a prior marriage. A Prenuptial Agreement can actually strengthen a marriage by removing potential sources of conflict by shielding property owned by spouses prior to their marriage, including family property and family businesses.

Life Care Planning Law Group has the experience and knowledge to draft and review Prenuptial and Antenuptial agreements to assure that the agreements are complaint with the law and will be enforceable, if and when you need it. We provide sound advice and cost effective solutions.

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Our firm can:

  • Draft a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement
  • Review and recommend improvements in a proposed agreement
  • Provide an opinion on the validity of an existing agreement
  • Litigate over the scope and breadth of an existing agreement

Prenuptial Agreements

If you are thinking about getting a prenuptial agreement (sometimes called an antenuptial agreement), talk with a lawyer well in advance of the wedding. Massachusetts law requires both parties to have adequate time to review a proposed agreement.

Our attorneys can tell you more about Prenuptial Agreements. We will review your goals and situation in confidence. We will customize an agreement to meet your goals. It is important that both parties disclose their separate assets, and we will assist you in preparing the proper documentation. If your future spouse has proposed a prenuptial agreement, we can review it and, if necessary, negotiate improvements or amendments with his or her attorney.

Antenuptial Agreements

Our firm also drafts and reviews antenuptial agreements. These documents can be used to clarify what exactly is to be considered separate property and marital property.

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Helping You Through Property Division In Divorce

Dividing property and debts is one of the most important tasks in the divorce process. The settlement you receive upon your divorce will form the foundation of your finances for many years to come.

Life Care Planning Law Group has experience in assisting our clients divide the marital estate. Property division can be difficult, ranging from inherited assets to those items acquired during the marriage. We have the skill, knowledge and expertise to handle your particular needs in dividing the property of your marriage.

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The Property Division Process

Massachusetts follows the equitable division model when it comes to dividing assets and debts in divorce. The applicable standard is that which constitutes a "fair" division. The resulting portions may or may not be equal in size.

In the property division process, marital property (acquired during the course of the marriage with the exception of inheritances and certain gifts) must be identified. Our attorneys have extensive experience tracing the origins of marital property, and we will take care to complete a comprehensive inventory of all property and debts that are truly marital. Life Care Planning Law Group will also place a value on marital property and work diligently to obtain a fair and equitable division of marital assets and debts. Often, our careful research methodologies put us in a position to negotiate a fair settlement. If necessary, we will undertake assertive litigation to protect our clients' rights and interests.

Complex Property Division Issues

Life Care Planning Law Group has considerable experience in divorce cases involving complex property issues, such as large marital estates, ownership of businesses, stock options and deferred compensation. We work as a team with accountants, business valuation specialists, tax professionals and our clients' accountants and business managers to identify key issues and obtain the information needed to produce a winning legal strategy.

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Helping You Address Child Support, Custody, and Visitation

The custody, care and support of your children is one of the most important, and frequently the most sensitive issue for divorcing parents. The best interests of the child require a flexible and appropriate parenting plan.

How Is Child Support Determined?

In Massachusetts, the level of required child support is determined by Child Support Guidelines. But that does not mean that the issue of child support is a cut-and-dried matter. The incomes of both parents, how much time the child spends with each parent and the child's needs in terms of education, health care, child care and other factors will affect the support level. These require careful analysis by an experienced family law attorney.

Life Care Planning Law Group will work diligently to protect your rights regarding the payment or receipt of child support. We also have the knowledge and experience to address more complex child support issues, such as when a parent is attempting to hide income or when a child has special needs.

Life Care Planning Law Group is a family law firm that can handle all types of issues involving children. We will work tirelessly to achieve your goals and protect your rights regarding custody, parenting time and child support.

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Child Custody and Visitation

Life Care Planning Law Group works to achieve solutions in matters involving:

Regarding custody and parenting time, the standard in Massachusetts is always what is in the "best interest" of the child. Whenever possible, courts prefer solutions that allow each parent to enjoy quality time with the child. These arrangements can change over time as the needs of the child change. Other custody arrangements, however, are possible.

Your attorney will work closely with you to understand your family situation and your goals regarding your children. Based on your desires and the facts, we will then work hard to help you achieve your custody and parenting time goals. Usually, this can be achieved through negotiation or mediation. If necessary, we will represent you assertively in litigation to protect your rights.

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Modifying Your Divorce Decrees

Nothing is permanent in life, and many times your agreement or judgment must be modified. Sometimes this happens almost as soon as the ink has dried, other times after several years when an individual may lose a job, get a new job, need to relocate or want to retire. Children get older and their needs change. The needs of a college bound child may be very different from the time your agreement was reached to the reality facing parents attempting to support that child. A remarriage/cohabitation may have a substantial and material change on one or more of the provisions of your original agreement or judgment.

Life Care Planning Law Group represents clients in modification matters involving:

We also represent clients in matters involving enforcement of orders and contempt.

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Child Support Modifications

When a parent's income changes significantly, either parent can seek to obtain a modification in child support. A child's changing health care or education needs may also warrant a modification. In a half-hour consultation, a lawyer at our firm can review your case and discuss how we can help you.

Child Custody and Visitation

These modifications, too, can be either routine or contentious, depending on the circumstances and attitude of the other parent. For example, as a teenager matures, he or she may want to live with the other parent. The court may or may not allow this type of custody modification. Life Care Planning Law Group can seek to negotiate a new arrangement with the other parent that the judge will accept or represent you assertively in court.

Life Care Planning Law Group stands ready to assist and represent you regarding all of your modification needs.

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Legal Issues Regarding Relocating With A Child

Proposed child relocations are perhaps the most contentious of all family law issues. In most, if not all, cases, litigation will be necessary to achieve a resolution.

Life Care Planning Law Group is a family law firm with impressive skills in litigation involving proposed child relocations and other child custody disputes.

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When Can a Custodial Parent Relocate?

Massachusetts courts will allow a custodial parent to relocate with a child only after a careful examination of the facts. The parent wishing to move must satisfy several concerns. The move must:

  • Be for a legitimate purpose, (such as a better job opportunity not available in the area) and not just to deny the noncustodial parent time with the child
  • Be better for the child in real ways, (such as better education, access to needed health care, etc.)
  • Be in the "best interest" of the child

Whether the relocation is within the state, across the country, or in another country, Life Care Planning Law Group has experience litigating and negotiating these complicated and difficult child related issues.

Courts set high standards for these and other tests. They do not like parenting by webcam, e-mail or cell phone - instead preferring whenever possible to provide the noncustodial parent ample opportunity to enjoy a meaningful relationship with the child.

Experienced Salem Child Custody Relocation Attorneys

The attorneys at Life Care Planning Law Group have represented parents in child custody matters for many years. This experience and their trial skills enable them to provide representation at a level comparable with large Boston law firms, but in the format of an accessible and responsive suburban firm. Life Care Planning Law Group will work tirelessly to achieve your desired legal goal, while protecting your rights and interests at every stage of the legal process.

Life Care Planning Law Group will thoroughly review these and other issues in your case. In some instances, it may be possible to negotiate a workable solution with the other parent. The vast majority of child relocation cases however, require litigation to resolve. Life Care Planning Law Group will work diligently to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

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Handling Restraining Orders And Domestic Violence Issues

Life Care Planning Law Group represents people in actions involving family violence and restraining orders. If you are in imminent fear of bodily harm, get legal help immediately. Our firm can act quickly to help you and your family get the protection of the law. We also represent clients who are the subject of an emergency or final restraining order.

Contact Life Care Planning Law Group today for a consultation. An attorney can explain the restraining order process and how our firm can help you.

The Restraining Order Process

The Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Act, M.G.L. c. 209A protects persons who have experienced violence, abuse, or serious threats from "family or household members", who are broadly defined to include former spouses, parents of a child together, former residents of the same house or apartment, or people in a dating relationship. There is a two step process.

Emergency Order or Ex Parte Order: A person who has been assaulted, stalked, harassed, or threatened by a "family or household member" can apply for an emergency protective order or a temporary abuse prevention order without notice to the alleged perpetrator. If the court issues a temporary order, a final hearing will be scheduled within 10 business days.

Final hearing: Legal representation for both parties is critical at this hearing. It is likely that this will be a full evidentiary hearing. The court may determine if there should be any contact between the parties, and if there are children involved whether there should be any contact between the children and the alleged abuser and if so, how, where and when that contact should occur. Attorney Welch ran the Battered Women's Legal Assistance Project for seven years in Essex County and Attorney Meyers is a former Assistant District Attorney. Their experience can assist you with these restraining order issues.

Life Care Planning Law Group can also advise you as to whether a "kick out" order might be more appropriate.

Accused of Domestic Violence?

In some cases, a party to a divorce or a child custody dispute may make false or exaggerated accusations of domestic violence in an attempt to gain an advantage. If you have been served with an emergency order, you need strong and effective representation at the final hearing. Life Care Planning Law Group can represent you at the final hearing to protect your rights. We can present evidence and conduct cross-examinations to challenge the other party's allegations.

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Mediation: A Cost-Effective And Efficient Method

Mediation can be an efficient and cost-effective way of resolving marital disputes. At Life Care Planning Law Group, our lawyers often use mediation to achieve workable solutions to problems involving child custody, visitation, property division and other matters. Sharon Meyers is also a trained mediator and provides mediation services to clients throughout eastern Massachusetts.

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Mediation Services

The attorneys at Life Care Planning Law Group include a certified mediator and two certified conciliators. Attorney Meyers has been a member of the Essex County Conciliation Program since 1992 and Attorney Welch has been a conciliator since 2005. We have been appointed by the court to conciliate complicated family law disputes and have a high success rate. A mediation session can be conducted in one of our conveniently located offices in SalemSalem & Newburyport, or at a location of your choosing.

Advising You During Mediation Sessions

Mediation has many benefits as a tool for resolving family law problems, especially compared with traditional litigation. The mediation process gives the parties greater control over the final result. It can produce solutions that take into account the future needs of parents and children. Mediation can also produce acceptable outcomes with less emotional rancor and lower legal costs than litigation.

An attorney at Life Care Planning Law Group can explain the mediation process in greater detail. If mediation is right for you, an attorney at our firm can act as your adviser during a mediation session, protecting your rights and guiding you to a workable solution that allows you to move forward in your life with confidence.

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